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Towing Services (949) 278-3207

Hail 'TowBoatUS' or 'Vessel Assist' on Channel 16 or call 800.391.4869


  • Rapid Response 24/7/365

  • Towing | Jump Starts

  • Delivery of Fuel, Oil, Parts..

  • Dewatering/Pump Out Services

  • Prop Disentanglements

  • Ungrounding When Soft Aground

  • Scheduled Towing

  • Boat Retrieval | Personal Item Recovery

  • Offshore Deliveries & Crew Swaps

  • Event Safety Boat Services/Firework barges

  • Refloating of sunken or partially sunken vessels

  • Towing off land or Rocks/Ungrounding

  • Wreck Removal

  • Dewatering/Pump-Outs

  • Oil Spill Containment

  • Monitoring of Mooring Fields during heavy weather

  • Re-securing of Unsecured Boat to Mooring is a BoatUS Member covered service

  • Pump-outs


TowboatUS 'formerly Vessel Assist,' has 400% more response boats than any other service in Southern California providing the shortest and fastest response times to members of BoatUS and the only towing network with boats in Catalina and nearly every harbor and 24-Hour Radio Dispatch to all of Southern California. We provide services direct to all boaters and BoatUS is a member based organization similar to the Auto Club.

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Getting Help is Easy Hail “VESSEL ASSIST” or “TowBoatUS” on VHF Channel 16 – for Towing Assistance.  You can call (949) 278-3207

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Unlimited Towing Membership Options— Freshwater $72/year or Saltwater $149/year

  • Celebrating 51 years in 2017

    Vessel Assist Company Has a New Name

    Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) is the nation’s leading advocate, services and safety group for recreational boaters. We provide our over half-million members with a wide array of helpful services, including 24-hour on water towing that gets you safely home when your boat won’t, will bring you fuel if you run out, jumpstart your dead battery, or provide a gentle pull after you’ve run aground.

  • Membership That Pays for Itself!

    Tow Boat US | Vessel Assist

    The TowBoatUS towing fleet is the North America’s largest network of towing ports with over 300 locations and over 600 towing assistance vessels, responding to over 70,000 requests for assistance each year.


BoatUS formerly Vessel Assist

New App!

The New BoatUS app is all of BoatUS right at your fingertips. The fastest way to get a tow on the water, our new app combines the features you love to take with you on the water like tides and marine forecasts, plus convenient access to your BoatUS Membership.   Not a BoatUS Member? You can still download the free app by click on the link below!

Salvage and Wreck Removal

We have a specialized team experienced in just about any aspect of Salvage and Wreck Removal. (Call BoatUS Insurance to make sure you have the proper coverage)

Boat Insurance

For over 50 years, BoatUS has provided affordable boat insurance coverage options for recreational boaters nationwide. Low-cost policies, available for most all boat types, are serviced by dedicated boat insurance experts committed to exceptional policy service, and expert claims handling that gets you back to boating as quickly as possible.

Spill Response

Oil Spill and Containment response services available.

Fuel Deliveries

We Provide fuel deliveries for vessels out of fuel (*Free Service for Members). We carry extra Gas, Diesel, and 2 stroke oil. Customer pays for delivered items.


Memberships starting at $24/year!

New App! BoatUS — We're With You On The Water


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